Mark Strickler, LMT

About Me

I am a graduate of the Dayton School of Medical Massage.  I am licensed by the Medical Board of the State of Ohio.  Currently Ohio is the only state which issues a limited branch of a medical license to massage therapists

Why choose an LMT?  In Ohio, anyone can offer to give a massage.  However a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) has completed course work at an accredited school and passed the state licensing exam.  Our training includes extensive Anatomy and Physiology as well as proper massage techniques and sanitization procedures.  For example, there are specific techniques to help either constipation or diarrhea.  An untrained person could make these conditions worse.  Would you really want to be more constipated; have even looser bowels?
Relaxation massage offers many medical benefits.  These include reduced blood pressure and stress.  Research has shown that the majority of all illnesses have their root in excess stress.

My passion in massage is for the challenges of medical cases.  I have worked with pre and post surgery patients.  A massage the night before an operation can help a patient get a good nights sleep while being off any pain meds prior to surgery.  After release by the surgeon, massage can help reduce the formation of scar tissue which might inhibit range of motion.

I volunteer my services to Hospice of Dayton patients; easing their discomfort from a variety of terminal conditions.  Reducing some of the pain from being bed ridden can be a real blessing.  I also donate my skills to the staff members of the Humane Society.  As an animal lover, it is a chance to reward some incredible people who care for neglected and abused animals.

Ohio has no continuing education requirements.  However, I am an avid student.  This is a benefit for my patients.  My natural curiosity keeps me regularly researching and taking classes from a variety of resources.  Continually keeping aware of new material means you will get superlative treatment.